Community Service Project: “Distractions Slow Reactions”

The Princeton Police Department and Community Partners Against Substance Abuse (CPASA), partnered together to bring the issue of distracted driving to our young people. School Resource Officer Alex Arauza, challenged a class of Driver’s Education students to raise awareness of how dangerous distractions can be. Distractions such as using a cell phone, eating, texting, chatting with friends can slow reactions behind the wheel causing a dangerous situation. Distraction can be as dangerous as rugs, and alcohol because they all slow reactions, making them an important issue to make our young people aware of.

To raise awareness CPASA, Princeton Police, and Princeton High School put up billboards in three highway locations around Princeton. A brochure was also printed and distributed to students and the community. The Brochure was written by a student and addressed several distractions and presented a practical solution for each. The lasting impact of this program is still ongoing; each driver’s education class receives a brochure and is spoken to about the dangers of slowed reactions and the lessons learned from this project.