Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program - P2D2

National statistics show that 1 in 5 teens deliberately abuse prescription drugs each year. In 2010 CPASA & local law enforcement agencies brought prescription drug collection boxes to Princeton, Spring Valley and Hennepin. This program allows our community to dispose of unwanted medication safely.

P2D2 will allow our community to safely dispose of unwanted or expired prescription and nonprescription medications.It is a collaborative effort between local pharmacies, police and sheriff departments, hospitals, health officials, local government, and more.

The purpose of P2D2:

  • To bring awareness to and educate the public about the harm done to the environment due to the current prescription and nonprescription drug disposal practices.
  • To provide an alternative way of drug disposal that ensures the quality of our water for future generations.
  • To enable communities to improve their physical environments and quality of life by reducing consumer waste.

Why does our community need this?

Many pharmaceuticals are getting past our wastewater treatment plants and getting into our drinking water. Until recently, consumers have been instructed to dispose of expired or unwanted medicines by flushing them down the drain or throwing them in the trash.

Pharmaceuticals that are thrown away and put into our landfills can leach into the surrounding soil and aquifer due to natural runoff. However, the majority of the leachate is drained from the landfill and transported to wastewater treatment plants.

At this time, wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove these chemicals from our water supply.

In 2002, scientists with the United States Geological Survey conducted a study of over 130 rivers, streams, and other waterways in the United States and found the following pharmaceuticals in over 80 percent of those tested:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Cancer drugs
  • Cholesterol-lowering compounds
  • Hormones used in oral contraceptives
  • Pain killers
  • Seizure medication
  • Tranquilizers

How does P2D2 work?

Medications are collected within the community and appropriately disposed of by incineration.

What is accepted and not accepted?


  • Prescription medications*
  • All OTC medications
  • Pet medications
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Medicated ointments, creams and oils
  • Liquid medications in leak-proof containers
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Suppositories
  • Inhalers

Not Accepted

  • Needles/sharps
  • Syringes with needles
  • Thermometers
  • Blood or infectious waste
  • Personal care products
  • Empty containers
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Aerosol cans
  • IV bags

*Controlled substances can only be collected by the Princeton and Spring Valley Police Departments, the Bureau County Sheriff's Office and Jail and the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Some examples of controlled substances include but are not limited to: Ativan, Vicodin, narcotics, pain killers, and sleeping pills.

How can I participate in P2D2?

  • By taking expired or unused prescription or nonprescription medications to the participating organizations listed at the top of the page.
  • If dropping off prescription medication, leave name of medication on bottle but cross out personal names with a black marker.
  • If providing medication in a plastic bag, please be sure to mark what the medication is by writing the name on the bag.
  • Participating pharmacies will accept your unwanted medications at the pharmacy counter. The Princeton Police Department, Spring Valley Police Department, the Bureau County Sheriff's Office and Jail and the Putnam County Sheriff's Office have a disposal container in the police and sheriff department's lobby to accept controlled substances.
  • All participating locations will take the pharmaceuticals at no charge.

The P2D2 drop-off locations within Bureau and Putnam counties are for Bureau and Putnam county residents only.

Participating Disposal Sites

Bureau County Sheriff's
Office & Jail

22 Park Avenue West
Princeton, IL 61356
Princeton Police

605 Elm Place
Princeton, IL 61356
Spring Valley Police Department
215 N. Greenwood Street
Spring Valley, IL 61362
Putnam County Sheriff’s

120 N. 4th Street
Hennepin, IL 61327
Ladd Police

121 N. Main Ave
Ladd, IL 61329
Walnut Police

114 Jackson Street
Walnut, IL. 61376

Participating Pharmacies

Fawcett's Pharmacy
519 S. Main Street
Princeton, IL 61356
Axline Pharmacy
324 S. McCoy Street
Granville, IL 61326
Johnson's Pharmacy
203 E. St. Paul Street
Spring Valley, IL 61362
Princeton Pharmacy
610 N. Main Street
Princeton, IL 61356
Thompson's Drug Store
130 E. St. Paul Street
Spring Valley, IL 61362

Sponsoring Hospitals

Perry Memorial Hospital
520 Park Avenue East
Princeton, IL 61356
St. Margaret’s Hospital
600 E. First Street
Spring Valley, IL 61362

Should you have questions regarding drop-off locations, specific medications, or questions about P2D2, please contact:

Community Partners Against Substance Abuse
Bureau-Putnam County Health Department
526 Bureau Valley Parkway
Princeton, IL 61356
815-872-5091 ext. 224