Public Service Announcements


In an effort to maximize the exposure of our message, CPASA, in coordination with local radio stations, produces and broadcasts a series of Public Service Announcements. Our goal for our PSA program is to provide the community with yet another avenue in which to inform and remind citizens of current substance abuse issues.

Listed below are several examples of radio spots produced and broadcast by Z98 and 100.5 WRVY throughout Bureau County and North Central Illinois.

Past PSA Broadcasts

  1. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Adrienne - Aired 5-22-2014
  2. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Claudia - Aired 5-22-2014
  3. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Deb - Aired 5-22-2014
  4. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Don - Aired 5-22-2014
  5. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Dwight - Aired 5-22-2014
  6. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Jan - Aired 5-22-2014
  7. "I Choose" Radio Spot with Terry - Aired 5-22-2014
  8. Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program (P2D2) Radio Spot - Aired 10-04-2012
  9. Messed Up - Under Age Drinking Radio Spot - Aired 10-10-2012
  10. Good Parents - Under Age Drinking Radio Spot - Aired 10-10-2012