notMYkid Program

notMYkid National is an innovative drug prevention program designed to reduce drug use among youth through comprehensive education. In addition to educating both parents and students about the dangers of drug use, we introduce home drug testing as a prevention tool. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact:

Community Partners Against Substance Abuse
Bureau-Putnam County Health Department
526 Bureau Valley Parkway
Princeton, IL 61356
815-872-5091 ext. 224

More information about this presentation can be found at:

What parents are saying:

"Great program! Lots of surprising information!"

"A definite eye-opener! Thank you!"

"The should have had programs like this when I was younger, as it might have stopped kids that I grew up with from doing drugs."

"As a parent, in hindsight, could have used this five years ago."